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Cloud Orchid Magazine will be running an extensive feature on this event featuring work from Brett Stoddart, Mark Anderson, Dan Frievalt, and Shanna Koltz in our April Issue. They are the featured photographers and they did a pre shoot to showcase the event and what everyone will be have access to. by Colour Law Design … Continue reading



(((ANNOUNCEMENT))) Please remember to credit EVERYONE involved in your submissions. We will not publish content with only the photographer’s information. We also will not go hunting around for the information ourselves. If you are too “busy” to give us the proper information, then your submission will not be run in the magazine. Please always include … Continue reading

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We have had to pull yet another photo set that we found was published previously in another magazine. When asked, the contributors “did not know” that simultaneous submission was against our guidelines. PLEASE read our guidelines: Content MUST be unpublished. This means NOT on social media and NOT published in a previous magazine. We … Continue reading