Please download and submit our Cloud Orchid Submission Release with your submission.

In order to be considered for acceptance into this publication, please follow these guidelines.

All submissions must be sent to (Do NOT send High Resolution Images unless asked to do so please!)

If we accept your submission we will need it to be sent at 300 dpi. Keep in mind the magazine is 8.5 x 11, and for horizontal images 11 x 17 for full bleed images. If you submit another aspect ratio then we will do our best to present it as submitted. However we reserve the right to crop and place on the page(s) as we feel it best fits the overall story and theme of the magazine and editorial. Adobe Lightroom can help you with cropping and visualizing how your image will look on and 8.5 x 11 page. When exporting final images AFTER setting the crop/aspect ration, setting the long edge to 11″ at 300 DPI will make our job easier.

We may also want to include an interview with you or the designer you are featuring. For high profile models we may wish to interview them as well. We want to help promote you and your work.

1) We prefer to only accept exclusive photos.  This means no previously published photos. If they have been submitted or have already run in a differ

2) Follow the magazine theme- dark high fashion.  It’s high fashion with an alt feel.  Special issues will be announced as needed.

3) We are stringent about photo copyright, we refuse to publish photos that the submitter does not have permission to use.  This means that the PHOTOGRAPHER needs to be the one to submit the photos.  In rare cases we may accept submissions from models, please send an inquiry email about that.

4) Put the issue in the subject of your email

Example: Winter 2013 Photo Submission

5) Include all names and titles of those involved.  We refuse to print photos that clearly have a full team used and only the photographer is credited.

Written Content

Documents should be .doc or .rtf

Font should be Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier New.  Font should be 12pt and black.  DO NOT send us other font types or colors.

Flash Fiction should be 500 words or less

Short Stories should be 2000 words or less

Poetry should be 40 lines or less

We are NOT interested in any content involving gore or self harm.

• If we accept your submission, help us by asking the designer to contact us. We provide contact information for all designers in each issue.

Example: (If you include your Model Mayhem humber we will include it in the credits.) Complete information benefits everyone involved.





6) We do not accept photos of models under the age of 18.  We put this responsibility upon the photographer.  If the model(s) is found not to be of age, it is the fault of the photographer and not this publication.  This applies to both nude and clothed photos.

7) For initial inquiries please send web sized jpeg files.  Upon acceptance to the publication we will personally ask for the high resolution files.  Only send jpeg files, no other file types will be accepted.  Please note the publication will be 8.5″ x 11″.  Unless noted to be a double page spread, please format the photos accordingly.

8) We do not accept submissions more than 8 photos unless we have specifically inquired after a full editorial.  If we desire to see more photos from a set we will inquire personally.

9) Photographers are required to sign a basic release stating the magazine is allowed to utilize and possibly alter the submitted photos (cropping).  We put the responsibility of model releases upon the photographer and will not send out model releases.

10) In some cases we will ask for a short write up to accompany a photo set.  We will inform you personally with specific guidelines.

11) Viruses, spam, or continued solicitation after being told to cease will result in a blocked email address.

We will never consider the following:


-Drugs or implications of drug use

-Sexual content.

-We are open to photos that feature animals so long as the animal is not harmed/dead/or implied to be either.  The exception to the rule is taxidermy animals.

-Degradation of gender, sexuality, religion, culture, or anything else.  This magazine is about celebration, not destruction.

We hold the right to refuse any other type of material not listed here for any reason.

Clothing designers, we want to hear from you!  Our magazine wants to feature photo shoots that include designer items, as well as cover local fashion shows.  Non-local fashion shows will be published if a good photo set and write up is submitted.  Ad space will also be available to clothing designers.

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