Cloud Orchid Publishing is an independent publisher seeking to combine images and written word to create experimental art books.

Our mission is about showcasing artistic talent through captivating storytelling.

What you can expect from Cloud Orchid Publishing is high quality paper books and ebooks that feature beautiful photos and/or artwork and creative writing that pushes the boundaries of the art world.

Submitting to the Cloud Orchid Team will give your photography, artwork, stories, or poetry a platform to share your unique vision with other like-minded artists and art-lovers.

Meet our co-editors Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic and Little Alice.  With their years of experiences, our co-editors love to push the envelope and indulge extravagant ideas.  Bryan is a photographer who has spent years studying the female form and found objects.  From senior portraits, to gallery worthy artistic nudes, to haute couture fashion editorials, he is the main in-house photographer and a huge driving force.  Little Alice is a retired model currently working as an author and artist.  She utilizes her experience and talents as creative director for all in-house projects, as well as provides much of the writing, creative or otherwise, for the books.  Together, these two are able to accomplish wild concepts with mind blowing results.

Cloud Orchid Publishing is focused on storytelling through both written word and images.  The bulk of the art books are created with photography by Bryan, and writing by Alice, we welcome guests to submit their work and contribute to our experimental ideas.  We even publish full length novels and can combine these written texts with artwork and or photography from in-house or other guest contributors.

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Find our books on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/tfsqqu4

Be sure to check out our other in-house projects:

L’Art D’Obscurite is an art magazine that specifically covers dark and romantic themes for creative writing, artwork, and photography.

Our mission is about showcasing alternative creatives and sharing their unique vision.

What you can expect from L’Art D’Obscurite is rich visuals that your eyes will devour and writing that will twist your mind.

Submissions are open for Issue 02.  Be sure to put “L’Art D’Obscurite 02” in the email title when sending your submission.

L’Art D’Obscurite is for those who want to experiment and push the boundaries of art, beauty, and darkness.  L’Art D’Obscurite is an art magazine series about romantic dark art, both visual and written.  Photographers, artists, poets, those who document the secrets of the mind and soul.  Please share our magazine and help us find new and amazing art and artists to showcase.  Explore our main house Cloud Orchid Publishing for further experimentation of art and writing.  Submit your work now.  Will you be in the next issue?

Cloud Orchid Magazine is a fashion magazine focusing on independent fashion designers in Chicago and the greater Midwest.

Our mission is about showcasing Chicago talent through captivating editorials and detailed articles.

What you can expect from Cloud Orchid Magazine is coverage of industry events and contributors who are pushing the fashion world forward.

Please Note COM is no longer taking submissions or requests to cover events at this time.

The bulk of editorials will be on Chicago talent, but images and stories from other areas are welcome.  We want to give up and coming industry members the spotlight they deserve. While big names will be featured, fame is not a must to be published here.  Our goal is to keep every issue fresh, while well known contributors are appreciated, it’s the faces of tomorrow we are truly after.  Clothing designers are the main focus in our editorials.  We are constantly seeking out new talent and organizing new in-house photo shoots.

Cloud Orchid Magazine is focused on photography skill and wardrobe design. Therefore we are only interested in “fashion nudity.” If you don’t know what that is, please see a W Magazine or the like for examples. We are not looking for art/glam/adult/fetish nudes. We are also not interested in gore/drugs/sexual content. We are open to photos that feature animals so long as the animal is not harmed/dead/or implied to be either.  The human body is beautiful, and our magazine will feature that, but always in an artistic light.

Cloud Orchid is a quarterly magazine with special issues in between. We are focused on Alternative High Fashion and will publish quarterly.  It will be available both online (PDF and as an APP)  and in print through MagCloud.com.


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