Opera Rocks


We got this the other day, and so we are off to the Opera! Depending on how much content we shoot we will do a special issue for the show, or do a feature on it in the next issue.

So nice to get letters like this. Marisa has a beautiful voice, she was wonderful at the event. There is nothing like hearing a voice like that in a small space like the Stix & Roses Boutique.

“I’ve been following your magazine ever since I saw the excellent coverage of the Stix And Roses “Women to Watch” fashion show this past December! I was one of the models and also the musical performer (Miss Chicago 2012). I noticed that you have also covered some of Rachel Frank’s work recently, and she is a dear friend in the fashion world.

I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in covering a show I am producing that will combine elements of Fashion with Classical Music. This is “OperaRocks: An Unconventional Gala Concert”, a collaboration between Verismo Opera Theater and RFD by Rachel Frank. The event will be edgy, sexy, and gushing with gorgeous melodies. It is being held in a beautiful banquet room at Monastero’s Ristorante.

Marisa Buchheit”

Hope to see some of you there, great music and great design by Rachel Frank, promises to be a wonderful evening.

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