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Cloud Orchid Magazine will be running an extensive feature on this event featuring work from Brett Stoddart, Mark Anderson, Dan Frievalt, and Shanna Koltz in our April Issue. They are the featured photographers and they did a pre shoot to showcase the event and what everyone will be have access to.

by Colour Law Design
Not In Kansas… A Steampunk Connection is a concept photo shoot to be held on Sunday, June 9, 2013.
A photography networking event; kicking off the 2013 summer season.

Our concept is taking steampunk at its finest and shooting in a 100 year old location. Add in some hot air ballooning. Mix it with our inspiration of Not In Kansas. Watch the magic happen! Steampunk over the rainbow….oh my!

In the essence of networking and building our craft; we have acquired the interest of some amazing publications. They will be opening opportunities for photographers to submit their work for publishing consideration. There will also be agencies on site scouting your talent.

More Info at:

Here is part one of four, we are releasing one photo from each of the photographers between now and our April 1st release of the magazine.

Photographer: Brett Stoddart, Tidy Photography
Model: Twig Noir
Jacket, Skirt, and Jewelry by Twig Noir
Corset by Corset Story
Fashion Styling by Twig Noir
HMU Team: Colour Law, Nola Kahn, Assist: Kristen Baltus

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