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Alec Masterson is the younger brother of Little Alice.  He is a young film maker who often accompanies the Cloud Orchid Team on their projects.  He will be attending Columbia College of Chicago in Fall 2013.  He wears several hats- camera man, footage editor, screen writer, special effects man, etc.

Alec accompanied our team on the OSR 2012 Project.  It is uncertain if he will attend the OSR 2013 Project at present.  Unfortunately, most of the footage from the 2012 project was lost, here is what was salvaged: The OSR 2012 Project.

We are glad to count him as a guest on our team and hope to create more amazing projects with him in the future.


Check out his work here: TWFT Films Youtube

More work here: TWFT Films Old Youtube Channel

His iPhone blog here: TWFT iPhone VBlog

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