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Cloud Orchid Publishing is proud to return from our summer hiatus.  We appreciate the patience and understanding of our readers.  The Cloud Orchid co-editors Little Alice and Bryan Thompson have certainly been through the wringer, and are happy to be back on board.


Co-editor Little Alice had a busy summer filled with big changes and positive experiences.  Following her birthday celebration in April, she found a new S.O..  The relationship helped form new friendships, which lead to the big move July 1.



She was able to regain her independence, and rejoin the city life where she could truly thrive.  She celebrated the one year anniversary, in August, marking the beginning of the rebuilding of her life, and appreciating all who supported Little Alice.  Now that the rose colored spectacles are back on, she is ready to take on her responsibilities with the powerhouse Cloud Orchid Publishing.



Photo by Che Correa

The summer was a bittersweet journey for co-editor Bryan Thompson.  After much thought, he began preparations for what may be his most amazing adventure yet.  Prior to working as a photographer and editor, Bryan worked in the military and at O’Hare airport as an air-traffic controller.  He took the opportunity to join the ranks once more and work on an American military base in Afghanistan.  Much of the summer was spent training with bike riding, insanity classes, and other crossfit activities.  This has been a journey of self-exploration and a new perspective on the larger world for Bryan.


Bryan keeps in contact with his family, friends, and co-editor Little Alice.  Through today’s technology he is able to talk over the phone, email, Facebook, and Skype; making the distance seem much smaller.  He has found joy in browsing the local bazaar, and sending exotic gifts home.  With his transition completed, Bryan is now ready to take up the reigns for Cloud Orchid Publishing once more.


Bryan will likely remain at his post for the next two years.  This means that deadlines will be not the same as before.  The Cloud Orchid Crew strive to bring their readers the best, and with a 9.5 hour difference between the co-editors, extra time and care will be required for each issue.  We thank you for your continued readership.

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