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Designer and Artist Sashiiko


Many people forget that fashion is an art form.  That designing clothing is the same as painting or sculpting.  It takes that same spark of wild inspiration, and creative skill to make a masterpiece for the runway.


Sashiiko is a Russian fashion design student.  In 2012 she under took a project to create designs based on various Disney characters.  She also has several designs based off of popular Japanese anime.  The artwork is stunning to say the least.


She had some interesting thoughts about what inspires her, as well as advice on how artists can draw inspiration from almost anything.

I’ve heard  so many times- “I like how you take a simple object and create a costume out of it”. I’m really glad that you like my designs but there is no real trick in doing it.  To tell you the truth it’s really hard to create something new- be it drawing or sculpture or music without knowing and understanding and being inspired by something that was already created and existed before us.  Many people try to create something new without any references at all- but in my opinion it is pointless. 
So when we find our “source of inspiration” there are several ways to use it. Some people use it to the maximum(like me) or just go with the feeling- for example musicians.
Every little thing around us- be it a beautiful flower or rock have what it takes to inspire an artist. They have shape, color, texture,  proportions, feeling you get from it, is it soft or is it firm, balance and many many other qualities- you just have to see them. 

We at Cloud Orchid are inspired by this young lady’s talents, and hope that others draw dreams and wishes from her wonderful ether as well.  Get creative!



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