2014 Winter of the Vikings


The winter of 2014 has been harsh, but such things do not extinguish co-editor Little Alice’s love for fashion.  She is a fashionista with her finger on the pulse of fashions to come.

The legend of Ragnarok puts the apocalypse on Feb 22, 2014.  This will be coming up next month.  Combined with the Disney movie “How to Train Your Dragon II,” with a release date of June 13, 2014, Little Alice finds it no surprise that Vikings and Nordic influences are IN.


Little Alice has gotten into the spirit by braiding her mythical hair, as well sporting faux fur accessories and ensembles.  After so many impractical trends, Vikings seem like a perfect source of inspiration.  We are, after all, experiencing record breaking lows and tons of snow.  It may as well be Iceland or Norway here.

Get into the spirit!  After all, Vikings are pretty badass.


Art by RebeccaArtHeart



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