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The Abandoned Brickyard 2013


The Cloud Orchid Team first discovered the abandoned brickyard in Mansfield, OH in 2012 after a long day at the Ohio State Reformatory.  The team headed there for a sunset shoot, even though the team was exhausted.  The gorgeous photos were not published by an outside magazine, though we wish they had been.  They will be featured in the Cloud Orchid Publishing art book “Crippled Inspiration.”


The 2012 Brickyard photo shoot included models Little Alice and Ophelia Darkly.  They wore all designer clothing and accessories, posing in the chilly evening amidst prickly brush and weeds.  This particular location was a spur of the moment idea, but the following year they dedicated an entire day to this location with a plan mapped out.

VIDEO: The Grand Caravan Day One- The Brickyard

The Cloud Orchid Team arrived the night before in Mansfield, OH.  This gave them plenty of time to rest up and head out to the abandoned brickyard on Friday, April 26, 2013.  The models included Little Alice, Ophelia Darkly, Goodnight Greta, Mara Arvoitus, Miss Spooky, Seth Nayes, and Tempting Kitten.  These models were all shot by Graffiti Photographic and second shooter Che Correa.  All styling was done by Silversark, Little Alice, and Ophelia Darkly.  The Cloud Orchid Team was loaned wardrobe by several designers, including Silversark, Rachel Frank Designs, Gg Collections, and Moda Muneca.  Other designer pieces owned by Little Alice and Ophelia Darkly were also used.



The focus for this year’s projects was levitation and surrealism.  Many of the sets included having the models perched on ladders, or posing in bizarre environments.  The majority of the images will be held for publication, but here is a sneak peek of Miss Spooky:


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