Cloud Orchid In-House Projects

The Cloud Orchid Team Grand Caravan Journey


The Cloud Orchid Team visits the Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory every year since 2010.  This year’s trip included several other locations, and a much larger team.  The team spent the entire year planning this week long adventure, putting together concepts, wardrobe, and the crew.  The end result will be worth all the driving, sweat, and tears.  The team is already making plans for an even grander excursion for Spring 2014.


The first OSR that Graffiti Photographic and Little Alice attended was in March 2010.  It was so cold that there was ice and snow inside the prison.  The duo explored the vast building and befriended one of the volunteers, Scott Sukel.  The following year, they added Ophelia Darkly to their travel crew and met up with model Brookyln Sky and her mother.  They also added a new location to their schedule, the Mansfield carousel.  The concepts that were created in 2011 sparked the idea of a grand venture.  Graffiti Photographic and Little Alice began to seek publications for their editorial work, which motivated them to dedicate their annual OSR trip strictly to submission projects.


The crew expanded to five models in 2011, including Little Alice, Ophelia Darkly, Seth Nayes, Erin Pribyl, and Brooklyn Sky.  Graffiti Photographic also researched new locations for the team to work at.  This year included the Bissman Building, the Mansfield carousel, an abandoned brickyard, and OSR.  Both Little Alice and Graffiti Photographic spent the entire year planning this venture.  Little Alice acquired wardrobe and planned each set down to the smallest of details- earrings, nails polish, etc.  The end result was several publications and a stronger team, which would later evolve into the Cloud Orchid Crew.


The OSR 2011 Project produced publications in the following magazines:

Giuseppina Magazine Vintage Issue #11 2012

Filigree {COUTURE} Issue 1 | Fall/Winter ’12

Coming Soon: Gothic Noir Magazine Issue #6

Coming Soon: Gothic Noir Magazine Forbidden Issue

This also produced the Cloud Orchid Publishing art book “Crippled Inspiration.” (Coming Soon)


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