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Interview with Melanie Myhre

Melanie Myhre Photography Live Interview


The Cloud Orchid Team published Melanie Myhre photography in the Steampunk Special Issue Costume Contest ed. in February 2013.  Since then, Melanie has continued her work and is receiving more attention and success.  She was interviewed by the Melanie Myhreon eureka springs channel on May 9, 2013 about her photography.  Melanie talks about how she came to love her craft, her process, as well as upcoming events.  Melanie is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and will be a part of the White Street Art Fair, as well as the Jewel Box shows this month.  In addition to this, she will also be heading a workshop on June 8, 2013.

Melanie was kind enough to mention her editorial in Cloud Orchid Magazine during her interview, and even showed off her copy of the issue.  This is mentioned at 12:00 in the video.  The Cloud Orchid Team is happy for Melanie’s success, and wish her continued success.  If you are able, check out her work at the upcoming shows.  You can also appreciate her art on her Facebook page.  We hope to see more of Melanie Myhre’s work in print in the near future!

Melanie Myhre Photography Facebook

C.O.M. Steampunk Special Issue Costume Contest Ed.

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