Steampunk Chronicle Review


Cloud Orchid Magazine dazzles with two volume Steampunk feature

The Cloud Orchid Magazine staff worked non-stop to get the Steampunk Special Issue out by the February deadline.  Seeing this wonderful review of our efforts made it worthwhile.  The Steampunk Chronicle writes that “Cloud Orchid did an admirable job both covering the official fashion of the event and also giving an overall impression of TeslaCon.”  Our team did their best to cover as many key events at the convention as possible and present them in the magazine.  Our goal was to give TeslaCon and Steampunk fans a delightful cameo of the weekend, while still being informative to our non-Steampunk readers.

We are so grateful to the Steampunk Chronicle and express our thanks for their thoughtful review.  We encourage our readers to check out their website as it contains a wealth of information about upcoming events, literature and other Steampunk regalia.

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