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Artist Jody Krevens

Krevens 7688 preview

Written by Reynard Jones

Humanity has long sought to set itself apart from and conquer the natural world, its constructions used to separate it from the elements, its technology meant to give prowess over the realm of possibility. Jody Krevens, however, believes that humanity is but a servant of artifice, our bodies proffering only the proper accessories to enhance the man-made. The human form is but a frame for her sculptural fashions. Rather than stone and chisel, though, she chooses to sculpt using industrial supplies, giving her creations a familiar-yet-otherworldly power in their presentation.

A focus on the artistic merit of her work has allowed her to create designs that do not compromise with the mortal enemy of fashion innovation: Practicality. Having risen victorious in many battles against the villain, she is a veteran of fashion and gallery shows alike. Her valiant travails have also won her exposure with numerous publications featuring her work, expanding her presence within the public consciousness.

The rise to prominence was not easy, however, as her educational process was filled with mixed blessings. Krevens elaborates about her difficulties and valuable experiences:

“When the desire to create wearable sculpture came about, I didn’t even know how to use a drill… I had to teach myself and work with a lot of tools for the first time in my life… and a lot of male teachers/students scoffed at the idea of a girl making ‘fashion’ with traditionally male-oriented tools like drills, torches, etc…That’s why I really enjoyed my jewelry making class… [teacher] Kelly [Malec-Kosak] made it comfortable for me to feel OK for making wearable art, but using unconventional materials.”

Krevens 7679 preview(1) Krevens 7691 preview

From there, Jody has grown quite apt with her craft, though she laments certain aspects of her formal education.

“The only major problem I have with art school, is if you are in any way a fine artist, which that is what I am, it’s useless to have a degree unless you plan to teach. I spent a lot of money on classes I didn’t want to take to earn a degree, where I perhaps feel that it would have been smarter to use my time learning more of the things I did have an interest in. Basically, I feel that artists should take classes for knowledge and learning power, rather than a degree, unless of course they plan to teach or go commercial.”

By all appearances, it is her dedication to non-commercial interests that has infused her work with such splendor and vibrance, in spite of her emphasis on cold, mechanical designs. Photographs by Fan the Flame is proof that the trade-off between profitability and artistry has definitely worked in Krevens’ favor. While she may lament her art being a supplement to her income rather than a staple, the results have impressed the Cloud Orchid Team, and we salute her contributions to the fashion world.

Krevens 7672 preview(1)

Photography by Fan the Flame

Model Rev. Arielle

Makeup by Tonya Taylor

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