Cloud Orchid In-House Projects

Risky Endeavors


Photo from Zzy’s online fan page

Photography is a pursuit that sometimes involves risks in the name of art.  The Cloud Orchid Team has entered plenty of abandoned locations, as well as had their share of adventures.  Our latest project involved photographing in the wee hours on the L with a nude model.  Many other models would have written us off as completely insane, but Zzy was a great sport and embraced our creative idea.  Our new friends at The Artifixer loaned us a corset for the shoot, a distressed grey leather underbust.  It fit perfectly with the grungy environment of the train.  Zzy and Graffiti Photographic arrived at Little Alice’s apartment around midnight, and Little Alice did Zzy’s makeup.

Once she was styled, we set out for the Red Line with Little Alice’s husband and personal assistant, Jordan.  Zzy had brought a long coat, so she was able to throw it on between stops and transferring trains.  It was comical when she was posing only a foot away from a sleeping homeless man.  It was amazing how many people could have watched the shoot, if only they had turned around in the next car.  We were contentious, and made sure the cars we shot in were either empty, or the passengers were dead asleep.  We did have one incident with a rude man who thought he was invited to our awesome party, but we simply rained on his parade by moving up two cars so he couldn’t creep on Zzy or Little Alice.

The night went smoothly, and Zzy was a trooper, posing while the train lurched, sometimes throwing her off balance.  Overall, it was a wonderful adventure and we got amazing images.  We will be sending them our for publication (or we may save them for ourselves)  and The Artifixer will be using them on the sales portion of their website.  The Cloud Orchid Team is excited to add Zzy to their talent pool, and will be calling on her for more future projects.

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