Synesthesia – Experimental


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Writing is simply a collection of words and punctuation arranged however the author sees fit. There are indeed rules for these things, but art is all about tearing down the walls of expectation and format. Little Alice is known for creating poetry and prose that rearranges the idea of what poetry is or should be. Her unique lens that she filters the world through is warped in a perspective different than anyone else. Synesthesia – Experimental is a collection that turns up her synesthesia to eleven and forgoes any sort of rational thought. These are poems crafted to be utterly delicious and create sounds both pleasing and confusing. Take a peek inside her head and see the chaos that reigns. This collection features poems written by Little Alice, specifically with the theme of experimentation with words, colours, sound, and the rattlings of the human brain; along with a pinch of insanity.
ISBN-13: 978-1977898708


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