Ramblings of a Glass Mind – 2020 Goals

Geisha Hands Book Sales

2019 has been an incredibly busy year of work and accomplishment.  I went into this year with the goal to finally finish my third novel, Geisha Hands.  I realized this goal and Geisha Hands was released December 12, 2019.  A total of 47 illustrations were completed in addition to writing the story, compiling all the research, and creating the easy to read glossary.  My goal for 2020 is to promote this book hard at all my upcoming events and collect feedback from my readers on this unique project.

Release Freja’s Baby for Publication

Completing all the illustrations left little time for my other projects.  I did manage to complete writing and the basic editing for my fourth novel, Freja’s Baby.  My goal for 2020 is to complete the fine editing process and have this book released in Winter 2020 (preferably January).  This will be my second published romance novel, a great addition for my ebook author library.

Rekindle Art Projects

I was unable to carve out time for my other art projects, due to the urgent need to finish Geisha Hands.  My goal for 2020 is to get back to the simple fun of working on my art.  Specifically, I want to transform the simple sketches I have still sitting in my sketchbook for my Sea Chibis series.  I also want to add more illustrations for Maggie Wagner’s “The Vegetable Diaries” coffee table book, with the hope of completing this long-awaited project.

Revamp Love of the Sea

I have so many readers requesting that I convert my first novel, Love of the Sea, into an audio book because they are only able to “read” while commuting to and from work.  I want to expand accessibility of my works not only to commuters and audio book fans, but also to the disabled who cannot read physical text.  My hope is to have this project completed and released by the end of 2020, if not Winter 2021.

Financial Stability

More than anything, I want 2020 to be the year my finances grow to be more secure.  This year was a huge step forward with adjusting my lifestyle and busting butt for gigs in order to quit my awful (and dangerous) day job so I can devote more of my day to my creative work.  I was not able to make this big leap until the end of September 2019, but it was well worth the wait.  Now going into 2020, my goal is to chip away at my debts, and work toward building a small savings for emergencies.  I’ll also be more particular about the events I promote my art and books at in order to keep costs down and profits high.

Here’s to 2020, the year of personal growth, financial growth, and more finished projects!

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