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We at Cloud Orchid Publishing are constantly seeking new ways to push the envelope and challenge what makes a book a “book.”  Our latest collection “Mirror][rorriM” features only one word per page.  But that one word will make you stop and consider.

The photos were originally taken at Che Correa’s photography studio in Wisconsin.  Model and co-editor Little Alice spent the evening frolicking while photographer and co-editor Graffiti Photographic took photos.  Together, they created many photo sets that are being released for public enjoyment.  This particular photo set had no strong goals in mind, however, the results are nothing short of incredible.


The current political and social climate in the States causes for heated debate and lines drawn in the sand.  We at Cloud Orchid Publishing decided to throw our hat in the ring with “Mirror][rorriM” by forcing the reader to consider their relationship with words.  Words are powerful, they can build us up, or break us down.  Challenge yourself with each word, and see what it truly means to you.


“Mirror][rorriM” is now available on Amazon

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