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Synesthesia – Depression


The COM crew is passionate about bringing awareness to mental illness through the power of art.  We are proud to bring you the second book in the “Synesthesia” poetry collection.  “Synesthesia – Depression” features poetry by co-editor Little Alice, and photos by co-editor Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic.  Together, they tell a dark story of what can happen when depression is hidden beneath the layers society forces upon us to be “fine”.

Bryan took this collection of photographs while working as an air traffic controller on the Afghanistan military base.  He found it odd that there were so many dead birds everywhere, and started photographing them.


Alice is not afraid to speak up about her challenges with depression, and the steps she has taken to improve her daily life.  This collection showcases why the power of community and acceptance are so important to helping individuals who suffer from mental illness.  We hope you enjoy “Synesthesia – Depression” and learn a bit along the way.

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