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Plunge the Soul into the Quick


The COM crew has many expanded crew members, and one of them is our dear model friend Brooklyn Sky.  This young model set aside her usual glamorous style and delivered the helpless despair of an abandoned prisoner for our latest art book “Plunge the Soul into the Quick.”

This set was created for one of the caravan trips to the Ohio State Reformatory where we captured the decay and the horror of human mistreatment.  Co-editor Little Alice spent the entire eight hour drive to Mansfield writing dark thoughts, poetry, and gibberish onto the dress.  She then hacked away with scissors and dragged the garment through the dirt in order to create a haggard and desperate look.  The results were the full story we were seeking to create.


The full photo series is coupled with dark poetry and a few short stories by Little Alice.  These are meant to show how the mind begins to decay and warp when a human is abandoned and treated as lesser.  We hope you enjoy this new collection and that it opens your eyes to the tragic state of a fragile mind.

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