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Synesthesia – Darkness


We are pleased to introduce the first book in the “Synesthesia” poetry collection, “Darkness”.  Co-editor Little Alice is releasing her poetry in books “Darkness”, “Depression”, “Experimental”, and “Nature”.  The first features her poetry, combined with charcoal drawings she completed specifically for this publication.  Co-editor Bryan Thompson will be featuring some of his photography in the later books.


“Synesthesia – Darkness” is meant to showcase the dark emotions that we often times feel forced to bottle up and pretend to forget.  Little Alice puts them on full display as a catharsis for the dark times in her life, and to share that the reader is not alone in their own nightmares.


These poems span over ten years of creative work.  We are pleased to offer these shards of Alice’s soul for you to page through and delve into a darkness all your own.

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