Not In Kansas


“Not In Kansas” was a Steampunk photography event spearheaded by the incredible artist Colour Law.  The designs were created with nods to characters from the Wizard of Oz by the inspired designers Twig Noir, Silversark, and Rachel Frank RFD.  Each model was carefully styled by the team of talented makeup artists and hair stylists.  Each photo in this fashion collection is rich eye candy you won’t want to put down!


Photography was done by featured photographers Brett Stoddart of Tidy Photography, Dan Frievalt of Frievalt Photography, Mark Anderson of Stun Photography, and Shanna Koltz.  Guest photographers are also featured in “Not In Kansas” to add the local flavor the Midwest has to offer to this phenomenal project.  Featured models Annette Wahnschaffe, Biannca White, Emily Paige Johnson, Jamie Klika, Jasmine Quintanna, KariJo Goodwin, and Matt Hansen brought their expertise alongside local models to bring the Colour Law vision alive.


Page through this veritable novel of fashion and whimsy, available now on Amazon!


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