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L’Art D’Obscurité

L’Art D’Obscurité is a sister publication to Cloud Orchid Magazine. We are looking for dark romantic artwork, as the name suggests. This is not limited to photography. We are also looking for drawings, paintings, sculptures, multi-media, poetry, short stories, flash fiction, etc. As always, we are not interested in the portrayal of drugs, self harm, gore, adult themes, or harming animals.


Our desire is to turn over rocks and find the darkness that lies beneath.  Share with us your obsidian dreams and your foggy nightmares.  We want to see what lives and crawls beneath your skull.

Find beauty lurking between the pages in Issue 01, now available on Amazon:


This will be a perfect bound soft cover book series with each issue being published as it fills up. When is it full? When we decide it is! Each issue will be between 100 and 200 pages.

Submissions should be sent to with “L’art D’Obscurité…” and the issue number in the subject line. Please send low res photos of your art, or copy and paste your written submission into the body of the email. We are happy to run collaboration pieces between multiple artists, or multiple pieces that are complimentary by the same artist.


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