Harem of Oddities

Madame Envy produces “Harem of Oddities” at Berlin Nightclub


Co-editor Little Alice donned her “Little Red Riding Wolf” ensemble and headed out to Berlin Nightclub for a fantastic evening with longtime friend and producer, Madame Envy aka Seth Nayes.

The evening started with Madame Envy and Cruel Valentine.  The trio went “barking” on the street to encourage passerbys to come on in for a sparkly adventure.

“Excuse my weekend!”

Berlin opened its doors to the public, and Michael Phoenixxx started the show with two beautiful songs.

Cruel Valentine turned up the heat with her saucy steps.  Her audacious number grabbed the audience by the pants, the fringe and glitter flying as she twirled and frolicked.


The birthday girl became the cake.  Jezzibel Bates lit her sugar and made a wish.


Sally Marvel was a graceful wonder of the Orient, flicking her sumptuous fan.  The performance reached a frenzy when she laid upon her bed of nails, showing her gluttony for pain.

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Madame Envy handed over the mic and took the stage.  A vision in pink, Madame Envy twirled and sashayed.

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Jezebel À GoGo was scorned by her Alejandro.  She ripped his heart out and ate it.  We are what we desire most.



Sally Marvel took the audience to the doctor for their love vaccinations.



Cruel Valentine Spiced things up with a rockalicious routine, complete with a leaping splits to the floor.




Linux the Robot had the room in stitches with his routines “Cunty” and “Jesus I Want Makeup.”  It was sassy, crude, and completely adorable.


Red Rum was more human than human with a hypnotizing plague doctor dance.  The feathers flew as the crowd chanted her name, giving power to her spell of death and decadence.








A raucous caucus was had by all.  A very good night indeed.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next Harem of Oddities Show at Berlin Nightclub.

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