Blast from the Past – Amanda Melissa Photography 2009

College was not easy for Little Alice.  While juggling a full load of classes, she was working hard on breaking out with her modeling career.  The summer after her first year away, there was a disagreement between her and her parents.  At the time, she thought her career completely over.

But she was drawn back in when a photography student asked her to pose for a school project.  She spent several days after class helping Amanda Melissa.  Being in front of the camera once more renewed Alice’s spirit.  She became brave again, and reached out to other photographers with renewed determination.

Working as a model taught Alice so much.  Setting up photo shoots helped her to better explore the city.  Living on campus, Alice did not have access to her car, so she had to rely on public transportation.  Some photographers were kind enough to give her a lift to and from shoots.  Through these experiences she learned much about different kinds of people.  This impacted her writing, and gave more depth to the characters she created.

Modeling shaped Alice into the person she is today.  Without that afternoon, who knows what her life would have been.

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