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The Greenwald Manor

The Cloud Orchid crew had the pleasure of shooting their latest in-house editorial at the Greenwald Manor.  This illustrious property includes several fountains, statues, a horse pasture, and a grand mansion.


The photo shoot was setup by designer friend Chelsea of Moda Muneca.  Chelsea is friends with Victoria Dior, the owner of this beautiful property.  She lives here with her family, and hopes to attend Columbia College of Chicago once she graduates school.  Victoria was kind enough to let the crew, and friend photographer Mark of When Light Falls Photography, shoot for the Fall 2013 Issue on the manor.  The models were able to pose with the beautiful horses, and stroll through the many gardens.


Fun was had by all.  The day was productive with Chelsea’s entire new collection being shot, as well as plenty of wonderful shots to choose from.  New connections were made, and fresh faces introduced to Cloud Orchid Publishing.  We hope to work more with these fabulous individuals in the future.

540355_602417429796653_571818288_n 25953_603163106388752_1706366255_n

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