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Anti-Fur Campaign

Cloud Orchid Publishing has been running their anti-fur campaign ads in the recent issues of Cloud Orchid Magazine.  The Cloud Orchid Crew supports fair treatment of animals everywhere.  The pets in each crew member’s house hold are rescue animals.  The crew members do their best to lessen their impact through smarter choices when it comes to shopping, eating, and who they support.

Nina was the first model to participate in the anti-fur ad campaign.  The coat was painted with bones, and words.  Showcasing the suffering that many animals endure for such vain exploits.

The crew is always looking for donations.  We are looking for fur coats, and other items, that can be painted on and used for ads.  In the near future, Little Alice will be doing a special campaign with her rescue bunny Aries.  Showing that you can be comfortable in your own skin, rather than wearing someone else’s.


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