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The Steampunk Special Issue vol 2 Released


Cloud Orchid Magazine 02-2 Steampunk Issue w/Coverage of Teslacon III Costume Contest

The Cloud Orchid Magazine Steampunk Special Issue is officially released!  The Cloud Orchid Team toiled to get this mega issue published, nearly 200 pages!  This is the second volume, covering several wonderful designer editorials, as well as the TeslaCon costume contest. Credits include:

Laura Meyer of Twilight Attire -cover

Gordon Smuder of the Puppet Forge -interview

The Gin Rebellion -interview

Bonnie Scott of White Alchemy -editorial and interview

Jen Shu -editorial and interview

In-house editorial at the Pfister Hotel

The HMS Persephone crew -editorial and interview

Signore Lupo and Signora Hepzebah Lupo “Best in Show” -editorial

Detective Inspector Temperance and Constable Macallister Hamilton-Smythe -photos

Lady Celine Novelle as Steampunk Poison Ivy -photo

Miss Isidore Welles -photo

Patrice Hundstad as Steampunk Fairy Version 2 -photos

Madame Nancy Henne -photos

Ms Emily Rose Teimy -photo

Ivan C Clarke “The Human Locomotive” -photo

Michael Cushing, Heather Kenya Cushing, Jenny Patten, and Calvin Patten Jr -photo

Amanda Cook -photo

Emily Stobber Stahl -photo

Ray Ott -photo

Melisa Ferris -photo

Denise Dietsch “Staff Favorite” -photos

Jennifer M Reichlein -photo

Aiden Ritchie -photos “Youth Division”

Louisa Bailey, Circus Performer “Historial Division” -photo

Lady Marie Trufflebottom “Staff Favorite” -photo

Timothy Westbrook as his discovery the unicorn “Potluck Division” -photo

Maria Pfister “Staff Favorite” -photo

Laura Meyer “Historial Master Division” -editorial and interview

Melanie Myhre -editorial and interview

RedRum Collaboration -editorial

Ryan Liu and Silversark -editorial and interview

Nina Pak and AJ Mietus -back cover

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