Cloud Orchid Issues

The Steampunk Special Issue vol 1 Released


Cloud Orchid Magazine 02-1 Steampunk Issue w/Coverage of Teslacon Fashion Show

The Cloud Orchid Magazine Steampunk Special Issue is officially released!  The Cloud Orchid Team toiled to get this mega issue published, nearly 200 pages!  This is the first volume, covering several wonderful designer editorials, as well as the TeslaCon fashion show.

Credits include:

Designer Anthony Canney of The House of Canney -cover

Lord Bobbins and Lady Bobbins -interviews

Nina Pak and April Peters -editorial and interviews

Veronique Chevalier -interview

The TeslaCon Aristocratic Ball and the TeslaCon Steerage Ball -article

The House of Canney -editorial and interview

Redfield -editorial

Blasphemina’s Closet -editorial and interview

KMKDesigns and Scoundrelle’s Keep -editorial and interviews

Megan Maude -editorial and interview

Silversark and Deborah Olson -editorial and interviews

Anchor Photo and Amy Alderson -editorial and interviews

Joan Junghans -interview

Pendragon -interview

Ophelia Darkly, Vinyl Photo -back cover

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