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Wondering what to submit and when?

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Steampunk Special Issue 2013 SUBMISSIONS CLOSED

Spring Issue 2013 DEADLINE March 15, 2013

Lolita Special Issue 2013 DEADLINE May 15, 2013

~This is a special issue all about the Japanese Lolita subculture.  Not to be confused with Nabokov’s novel.  We are looking for all genres Lolita- EGL, sweet, OTT, military, ero, classic, etc.  We are also looking for the male counterparts aristocrat, dandy, prince, ouji, kodona, etc.  Please be sure to include the brand name or designer name of all items that apply.

*What we are NOT looking for: nudity, gore, violence, sexual themes, french maids, cosplay, baby dolls, sissy girls, etc.

Summer Issue 2013 DEADLINE June 15, 2013

Forbidden Special Issue 2013 DEADLINE August 15, 2013

~This issue will be about fashion nudity.  We want submissions to be creative and utilize designer clothing and accessories.  The nudity must make sense and we prefer photo sets that tell a story.

*What we are NOT looking for: gore, violence, sexual themes, etc.  Submitting random photos of naked models will not get you published.  This is not Playboy or Hustler.

Fall/Halloween Issue 2013 DEADLINE September 15, 2013

~We are looking for darker themes for this issue.  Think black or dark designer clothing, dark makeup, grungy locations, dramatic lighting, etc.

*What we are NOT looking for: gore, violence, sexual themes, Halloween costumes, “typical” Halloween fare-ghosts, witches, pumpkins, etc

Steampunk Special Issue 2013 DEADLINE November 15, 2013

~We will be covering TeslaCon IV again for this issue.  We want Steampunk editorials with designer clothing and unique locations.

*What we are NOT looking for: gore, violence, sexual themes, etc.  Please be creative with the wardrobe, simply putting on a prom dress with a hat and goggles does not make the outfit “Steampunk.”

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