Twig Noir a closer look


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A world outside polite society, OSR (Ohio State Reformatory) is a place and an event. Each year the COM crew would migrate to this behemoth structure for a marathon of creativity that held no quarter. The juxtaposition of rotting history against the sleek and refined beauty of Twig Noir showcases the power and majesty of both model and location. Short stories herald the greatness of the queen, and whisper of the darkness at her back. Poetry digs up the raw anger and remorse of the prison, its prisoners long gone, and the yawning expanse left behind. A Closer Look is a collection that reveals the staggering might of those that time forgot, and those that took time for themselves. This collection features photos by photographer Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic, model Twig Noir. Short stories and poems written by Little Alice capture the regal beauty of Twig against the stark and crumbling prison around her.

ISBN-13: 978-1974576715

ASIN: B08729W25J
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