Synesthesia – Depression


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Mental illness is a battle we prefer to sweep under the rug. Admitting we are faulty is mortifying, and therapy is considered the defeated throes of a crazy person. Depression is often mocked and used as a general sentiment for narcissistic woe. But rather, those who find themselves under the thumb of Depression know that simple tasks are rendered into monstrous quests, full of foreboding and leave us quaking and unable to lift our heads. Little Alice has been diagnosed with a laundry list of conditions since the tender age of six. Her childhood and teenage years were fraught with authority figures who refused to try to understand, and only metered out punishment and alienation from her peers. This uphill battle to an adjusted, albeit far from “normal,” adulthood is documented in scraps of her nightmares, her ramblings, and her fears in Synesthesia – Depression. This collection showcases why mental illness is far from a crude joke, and demands awareness, lest more young minds fall prey to the insanity of insisting that they are indeed “fine.”

ISBN 978-1973964322


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