Synesthesia – Darkness


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The creative mind marks one as “different,” and this is often met with confusion and friction from opposing forces to maintain the status quo. Being true to your talents and the craft that makes you “different” often come with the price of packing them up and allowing normalcy to blanket you, or fight against the current and carve out an island of your own making.
Little Alice faced animosity from peers and adults in places of authority all her life, working bit by bit to carve her own island. The resulting sacrifice was many dark hours where she questioned her purpose and her sanity. From these dark times she put pen to paper and wrote these scrawls. Some borne of heartache, some of typical teenage angst, but many of a more sinister nature; that which comes from when the world batters you with the idea that your raison d’être is merely a fool’s errand.
Synesthesia – Darkness is a collection that turns over the rocks, and reveals the ugly, creepy things we would rather leave hidden and buried.
ISBN 978-1548826116


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