Crippled Inspiration


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The COM crew has journeyed to OSR (Ohio State Reformatory) for years, and each time the crew expands exponentially with creatives that simply cannot stay away.

This retrospective on the 2012 OSR Caravan is a complete collection of the editorials that were shot by the COM crew, and special features from their expanded crew members in the Brett Stoddart urban exploration crew.

Spiral into the abyss with us as you turn the page past each haunting snapshot that captures all the painful memories and the crumbling beauty. Dig deep into the minds of the COM crew with full interviews and poetry to tip the scales toward insanity.

“Crippled Inspiration” was created to pay homage to all the talented creatives who make this annual trip into a spectacular migration. These days of dark exploration made our creativity grow like weeds, and brought for a vast wealth of tragic stories to share.
ISBN 978-1548955328

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