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Ramblings of a Glass Mind – 2019 Goals

2018 was an incredibly busy year for me, and some of my goals fell to the wayside as a result.  It’s crazy to think that all in one year I moved out of my beautiful apartment with the porch garden after an unfortunate breakup.  I finally took a minimum wage job after eight months of unemployment just before moving out.  Then moved back to the suburbs because my finances were still trashed from being unemployed.  I was able to dig myself out enough to move back to the city, and move in with a dear friend of mine.  Which is where I live today!  All this moving and upheaval in one year combined with some incredible successes made 2018 both incredible and overwhelming.

My first novel, Love of the Sea, was released by Ink Smith Publishing.  A fantasy fiction about mermaids, this novel was my dream come true.  I am finally an author and working toward releasing more titles.  This was a huge milestone for me to reach, and I quickly became overwhelmed with the work that comes with being an author.  One of my tasks that fell to the wayside is keeping a regular blog.  Now in 2019, I hope to pick this up again and be more regular with my blogging.

I released my second novel, Tearing Down the Wall, with Cloud Orchid Publishing shortly after my first novel in 2018.  This romance novel is the first of many, with my latest title Freja’s Baby to be released by Cloud Orchid Publishing later in 2019.  For now, I’m working toward completing my third novel, Geisha Hands.  This historical fiction is one of my most ambitious projects – as it is both a full novel and is fully illustrated.

My goal is to have Geisha Hands completed, released, and available for sale by February 1 of this year.  I will be attending LodgeCon and CapriCon this year, and want to have the novel available for these great events.  It’s a lot to manage, but I know I can keep pushing forward with my goals.  I have a great support system with my family and friends.  Here’s to 2019, my year of writing!

One thought on “Ramblings of a Glass Mind – 2019 Goals

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