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Milwaukee Fashion Week 2015 – Yuliya ML

Makeup Artist

Yuliya ML


Yuliya did not set out to become a makeup artist.  She originally went to school at UW-Milwaukee for Marketing and French in 2005.  She received a marketing internship opportunity from a woman she babysat for- Sarah Brucker.  Sarah is the creator of the beauty boutique, Blush.  Yuliya enjoyed her internship at Blush, but she never would have thought it would become the start of her career.  “One day, Sarah saw my sketchbook, she looked as me as if she won a million dollars.  She saw a potential in me and offered me to take my art work on to a different type of canvas, the face.  You can say that the rest was history.”  Her background in marketing combined with her newfound interest in makeup proved to be a stellar combination, and ultimately led to her present day success.  “As long as I can remember I always enjoyed art and wanted to even go to an art school.  But I guess I never thought of makeup as one of the art forms.  I had an amazing mentor/friend, who saw something special in me and made me see that as well.”

Many makeup artists do not receive a formal education in styling, and Yuliya is no different.  She had the opportunity to learn from talented artists, and received the base knowledge that comes naturally from such apprenticeship.  She works with a variety of brands such as Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, and Japonesque.  “I don’t discriminate when it comes to brands, I love all makeup.  To me, I look for product that is good for you, looks great on the skin and photographs well.”  She does not have an official salon or location, instead she takes her work to her clients.  “It’s so much better that way for the client since they can have all their beauty needs met at the comfort of their home, office or studio.”

Her projects vary, and a lot of her ideas come from fine art.  “I try to play out some of the color consents thru my makeup.  My main goal is make the person in my chair look and feel beautiful.”  Yuliya has done quite a few fashion shows and events, including Goodwill fashion shows at Potawatomi featuring Green Bay Packers, and the Steampunk fashion show at Turned Hall.  “It’s hard to choose one since I enjoyed each and everyone of them.  I just love being able to meet new people and to be creative.”

Yuliya chose to participate in MFW not only because it’s an amazing opportunity to create art, but to also network and help out with a great cause.  The stylists were given creative license at the event to showcase their skills.  “We had the designers do a look page, but that was all open for interpretation.”  Once she brought everyone together, and had her portion of the event organized, she felt that it ran without any further challenges.  “I’ve learned that organization is definitely the key to everything.  I would absolute do it again!”  She met many talented people, and gained many contact that may be viable in the near future.  “It is nice to see so much creative flow in one room.”  Yuliya is excited to utilize the inspiration she gained from her fellow artists for future projects.

Beyond MFW, her favorite experience was the promo shoot for MFV where she was given full creative reign.  She has also enjoyed working with photographer Adam Ryan Morris as of late.  “He is very easy to work with and the images always come out amazing.”  Her work has been featured in such publications as Milwaukee Magazine, Shepard Express, and Premier Bride Magazine.

Moving forward, Yuliya wants to continue improving her craft: “My plan is to always learn something new.  I also want to be able to teach women and men that makeup doesn’t have to be as complicated as all to the social media pertains and without a smile, nothing will ever look complete.”  She has already signed up to participate in MFW 2016, and hopes to attend NY Fashion Week.

*Photo by Kryg Photography

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