Today’s Event – Twisted Fairy Tales

Twisted Fairytales

N6915 Bridge Rd
Manawa, WI

Enter a world of fantasy and whim that have gone more than a little grim.
Based off the artwork of http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/ we will
be creating a unique shoot to tantalize and inspire you. The main attraction
princesses have already been booked for your convenience. Complete
costuming, makeup and hair will be provided by a trained team of
professionals. Fx artists and fabrication artists are creating magical pieces
to be used the day of the shoot. This is definitely not one shoot you want
to miss out on!
Location is to be determined

Headliners include:
Snow White as Kristen FoxyModel
Alice in Wonderland Anne Ritter Cheshire Cat Lacie Dobyns
Anastasia Katrina Christine
Jane Nikky MacLeod
Kida Kassi Ann
Esmerelda LaChelle Ashley
Arial and Ursula King Trident Justin Foley and Angela May and Mary Dickinson
Blue fairy OPEN
Anna Angela Denamur
Pocahontus OPEN
Tinker Belle Melissa Mooney-Model
Aurora OPEN
Fariy Silvermist Tarrah Jones
Thumblina Kateri
Princess Tiger Lily OPEN
Peter Pan and the lost boys OPEN
Tiana OPEN
Princess and the pea OPEN

If you would like to be a part of this shoot and are not a headliner, the cost is
$150. Limited space available. First come first serve.

Again this is a limited time engagement. This could be a great way to network
or capture the next magazine cover image.
Models and photographers will be given assignments based off a short
questionnaire. Top three model choices will be assigned to each photographer at the very least!

$300 VIP Photographer
Extended shooting time with each model
Choice of 6 themes to work with exclusively
Assistant to expedite the moves from set to set. It’s preparations and props will be accounted for by this person.

All payments should be sent to Karmancer@gmail.com as a friend so as not to take out taxes yet.

I cannot wait to make this wicked set come together!

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