Today’s Event – Morose & Macabre’s Atrocity Exhibition VII – The Witching Hour

Morose & Macabre’s Atrocity Exhibition VII – The Witching Hour

Rex Theater
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


There is a place deep in the wood of Romania. A forest known for it’s bizarre vegetation, phantom voices, and dark past.
Morose & Macabre welcome you to the world reknown, Hoia Baciu forest and invite you to join them on their search for the Hoia Baciu Witches and the legends that surround them in what promises to be…a terrifying journey.

Morose & Macabre are at it again, toiling away over their annual monstrosity that has quickly become a yearly tradition for Pittsburgh and the East Coast, The Atrocity Exhibition, a 360 degree living art installation and Bizarre Bazaar. The event show cases an array of performances from some of the leading sideshow and cabaret artists in the country, and features over 20 artisans showing and vending a variety of wares that appeal to the slightly off and those of a darker sensibility. The evening is centered on a story that unfolds as the night progresses.

In 2009 we wondered what would have happened if the bomb had dropped in the 1930’s. In 2010, we visited the broken hearts of the Vicious Valentines. In 2011 we wandered the dark and decrepit halls of the Vaude-Vile Asylum. In 2012 we summoned the long forgotten spirits of the Phantasmagoria Theater. In 2013 we met the unfortunate monsters of Commedia Dell Morte’s Carnivale. And in 2014 we invited you into a world of sleepy surreal in The Museum of Dreams.

In proper Atrocity fashion, as we enter into our 7th year, we invite you to 777- The Witching Hour, a monsterous cavalcade of the beautiful and grotesque ritual that takes place in Romania’s Hoia Baciu.

The Exhibition is funded with the help of contributions from loyal followers and supporters of the art community, and the artists themselves. What sets the Atrocity Exhibition apart from other events is that it is powered by the love and generosity of the community nation wide, and we all come together on this night to make the vision come alive.
To support our kickstarter visit:

The Atrocity Exhibition: 777 – The Witching Hour will be held on May 16th at the historic Rex Theater on East Carson Street in Pittsburgh’s Southside.

Tickets on Sale April 1, 2015

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