Blast from the Past – ThatTrend 2008

The origins of “Little Alice” and “Ophelia Darkly” is a frequently requested tale.  The two were best friends in the first place, having met officially in 2002.  Six years later, they embarked on a sunny afternoon photo shoot that would shape the rest of their young adult lives.

Photographer Philip Levasseur “ThatTrend” contacted Ophelia, requesting to photograph her for his artwork and portfolio.  He is a local photographer and graphic artist who has always held a personal interest in the alternative fashion community.  Ophelia agreed, but requested that Alice join her.  Having never done a photo shoot before, she didn’t want to do it alone.  Phil agreed, finding both ladies perfect subjects.

As the photos suggest, you don’t just come out of the box with modeling skills included.  They are something you have to learn through practice.  Alice and Ophelia were awkward and raw, just like everyone else.

The photo shoot was several hours long, more like old friends hanging out and playing, rather than a corporate affair.  The trio went out to dinner afterward, where Phil introduced the ladies to the world of freelance modeling, and how to advertise themselves.

Since then, Alice and Ophelia have sharpened their careers.  Through trial and error they signed up for model profile websites, and reached out to hundreds in the industry.  Many know them for their powerhouse abilities and beauty today, but few know of their humble (albeit ridiculous) start.  This serves as a reminder to all models and hopefuls that greatness comes with hard work, not simply a camera lens and some PhotoShop.  Believe in your abilities and work your ass off.  Modeling is not a profession for the weak or impatient.


left: Laura Dark Photography; right: Myles Katherine

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