Che Correa – Las Luchadoras


Our dear friend, Che Correa, has started a new photo series called “Las Luchadoras.”  It will feature mainly female models to wear luchador masks and pretend they are wrestling.  She is focusing on a fun and colourful feel for these photos.  Che also recently did a witchcraft photo series for Halloween.  She is especially excited for this set, as her partner recorded a portion of his independent film during the photo shoot.  Che’s recent photo shoot with Allison Agr was particularly inspiring, and Che is looking forward to working together with this fine lady in the near future.


Model: Sasha Xenia

MUA: Lunariea Launders

Current publications include the August issue of Gothesque Magazine and the Great Outdoors issue of Freque Magazine.


Gothesque Magazine

Model: Lunariea Launders


Freque Magazine

Model: Mel Ana

Be sure to check out Che’s incredible work Here

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