Artist- Enys Guerrero


Enys Guerrero is a traditional fine artist in Venezuela.  The tools that craft her beautiful dreams from the ether are colored pencils, watercolor paints, and ball pens.  Her tiny castle is always spruced up and organized before her work can begin.  The quiet of her domain is filled with background music, or the television.  She surrounds herself with an army of fairy tale books, her onlooking dolls, and other items that bring forth inspiration.


Each day Enys strives to work about 8-10 hours, only taking one or two free days a week to visit her friends and family.  “I take some breaks to walk at the garden, drink a cup of green tea or coffee, and eat a lot of candies.”  This dedicated artist is lucky to devote such time and effort so completely to her craft.  It has always been this way, “…I am drawing, always putting my hands in some work related with the plastic arts.”  Her childhood was filled with fairy tale illustrations, Disney movies, and Japanese anime.  Later, she graduated as a graphic designer at the age of 19.  “I imagined myself all grown up and living of making beautiful illustrations, like the ones of my books. So here I am, trying to make that dream come true.”


No artist can truly claim that they are alone on their path, and Enys feels lucky to have such a wonderful support system of friends and family to guide and encourage her.  “…they are always there when I mostly need them.  Their comfort and support words and actions, save me from some intense and hard moments in my life; like when I think my work isn’t good enough, they always cheer me up, and encourage me to not giving up.  I’m very grateful to them for believing in me and my art.”  These individuals help make it possible for Enys to achieve her goals, and continue growing her craft each day.  She loves to experiment in different styles of painting, and has a project called “The Cameo Club” which was inspired by her friends.  She has drawn three characters thus far.  “[It is] painted in a very stylized and funny look, with a touch of manga.”


Tragedy and morbidity are the common elements in her illustrations.  Enys pulls out the darker elements in fantastical fairy tales, without becoming graphic or gory.  There are so many projects that she wants to bring into the world: “I have many characters in my head trying to get out, but I’m working on them one at the time.”  Such items include “Ringmaster Minerva,” who is one of the main characters of her larger project “Cirque des Spectums.”  This is a collaborative effort with illustrator, and friend, Zoimar Lezama.


Painting and drawing are not the only avenues of creation for Enys’ work.  She also enjoys sewing and photography.  She combines her illustrations with fashion by creating the outfits her illustrated characters wear, and then coordinates the photo shoot to capture the ensemble.  This blending of art and fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and Enys is reaping the benefits.  She recently had two solo galleries organized by the Civil Organization Yuppon Guayana at the Eco Museum.  She is excited to participate in another gallery event soon.  One of her favorite aspects about the shows is being able to hear what her fans think about her artwork.  “I have participated as a stand in events of my country, it’s always super fun, thanks to that, I know a lot of people who support my work.”  Enys takes the feedback to heart, and often incorporates it into future ideas.

Waiting for Revenge by EnysGuerrero dfgchv1

The love for her craft drives Enys to give back to the art community.  She frequently gives free drawing classes at the events she participates in.  “It’s a wonderful way to guide some future talents.”  Being able to devote nearly all of her time to her craft makes Enys feel “lucky and happy.”  Her ability to leave an impact on the art community brings her joy, and pushes her to continue growing and improving her work.


Enys is currently working on her first art book.  It has “a very tragic but magical history.’  She hopes to create a second art book once it is completed.  She has also received an invitation to participate in designing a tarot deck.  More details about this project will soon be available on her Deviantart page, and her Facebook.

Be sure to check out Enys’ work, and maybe even take some of her tragic magic home with you.


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