Cloud Orchid In-House Projects

Previews for the 2013 Caravan Project- Weston Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

The 2013 Caravan Project included three locations: The Mansfield Brickyard, The Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory, and the Weston Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.  Here are some sneak peeks from the Mansfield Brickyard.  We will be submitting these lovelies to publications this winter.  Interested in publishing our work in your magazine?  Email us at



Che Correa hard at work.


Photographer: Graffiti Photographic
Model: Miss Spooky
Stylist: Miss Spooky
Designer: Silversark
1544445_648141851890877_593579289_n 1545999_648141778557551_1721844699_n

“The Nightmare”
Photographer: Graffiti Photographic
Models: Ophelia Darkly and Seth Nayes
Stylists: Little Alice and Ophelia Darkly


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