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The Debut Issue of L’art D’Obscurité is Now Available


Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic and Little Alice began their work in publishing with the dark fashion Cloud Orchid Magazine.  As the publication grew, the crew were forced to reject more and more submissions due to them not having a strong fashion presence.  In light of the amazing art that is sent to the crew inbox, the sister publication L’art D’Obscurité was created specifically for dark artwork.


The art magazine welcomes all art forms: photos, sculptures, poetry, paintings, digital art, short stories, installments, etc.  Please remember to follow the submission guidelines here:

Please keep in mind that the Cloud Orchid crew supports a wide range of art styles, and that includes artistic nudity.  The debut issue of L’art D’Obscurité does include a few artistic nude editorials.

Purchase your copy of the debut issue here (the digital is free!):

Don’t forget to follow updates for L’art D’Obscurité on Facebook:

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