Designer Corner / Fashion Shows

Fun at the Pfister

The Cloud Orchid crew have had a few fun adventures at the Milwaukee Pfister Hotel.  We were pleased to receive an invitation to the Timothy Westbrook Project Runway fashion show celebration.


As always, the venue was gorgeous, and the show was incredible.  Graffiti Photographic captured the magic on the runway, while Little Alice interviewed various important persons.


It was delightful to meet TImothy Westbrook’s parents, and even his beau.  This event was about friendship, family, and fun.  Celebrating Timothy and his work made for a whimsical evening.


The Cloud Orchid crew can’t pass up the chance to play in such a magnificent location.  Little Alice dressed in The Kraken by Scoundrelle’s Keep, and posed for a brief spell.  Graffiti Photographic portrayed her as a young Victoria.  Capturing all of the vintage charm of the hotel, and the incredible ensemble.


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