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The OSR 2013 Project


Bryan Thompson of Graffiti Photographic and Little Alice have attended the Ohio State Reformatory photo shoot event every year since 2010.  Since then, the trip has grown exponentially with a full team in 2012.  The Cloud Orchid Team was able to shoot at three locations last year, the haunted Bissman Building, the haunted Ohio State Reformatory, and an abandoned brickyard.  Several publications printed photo sets from the epic weekend.

Gothic Noir Magazine Issue #6

Gothic Noir Magazine Issue #5

Filigree Couture Magazine Issue #1 2012

Giuseppina Magazine Issue #11 2012

The Cloud Orchid Team is currently putting together an art book which will feature all the photo sets from the 2012 project, as well as interviews, poems, and fictional short stories.  We plan on creating an art book for each future OSR Project once all the photo sets have been sufficiently shopped around for submissions.

This year will be the grandest project yet.  In-house models Little Alice, Ophelia Darkly, and Seth Nayes will be joining several new faces, including Mara Arvoitus and Jill Liebisch.  Our photographer team includes both head photographer Graffiti Photographic and second shooter Che Correa.  Designer Silversark will officially be our personal designer for the project, as well as several other labels we are taking with us on loan.  Some designs will be from Rachel Frank, Timothy Westbrook, Bubbles and Frown, and Gg Collections, just to name a few.

We will be doing a film documentary again this year, and have taken the necessary precautions to prevent losing footage.  This is a complete affair, we will even be renting a trailer to transport all the necessary wardrobe, props, supplies, and equipment.  Several other groups will be accompanying our caravan, including our close friends, Brett Stoddart and Twig Noir.  We hope to bring this enormous midwest caravan back to OSR again next year under our own private arrangements with the establishment.

Our goals for this year are simple- to create art.  We intend to take photographs for editorial submissions, as well as a final art book.  All the while doing video documentation to share our work on Youtube.  Our fans love to see the behind the scenes work, and we won’t disappoint them.  This is a project we prepare all year for, and we hope our plans will pay off.  Prepare for a total take over from the Cloud Orchid Team.

One thought on “The OSR 2013 Project

  1. Great to know! I am a confirmed model for the OSR 2013 event! I look forward to seeing you all there , meet you in person, as well! I am sure you will all rock this! 🙂

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