Of Women About Women Art Show


Bryan Thompson and Little Alice of the Cloud Orchid Team went to the Of Women About Women Art Show on Friday, February 22, 2013.  One of the artists was Geo Alderson, a model that was featured in the Steampunk Special Issue.  Some of the artwork inspired the Cloud Orchid Team, these ideas will be used during the OSR 2013 Project.

We met some great artists, and lovers of art.  Our hope is to use these new connections for future projects.  We will be getting in touch with the Rockford Dance Company, as well as maintaining contact with artist Tamarra BaVincio-Legge.  We also reconnected with Abby Elliott.  She will be assisting us with abandoned location photo shoots.

The art show will be going on until March 2, 2013.  It’s worth checking out and spending time with the people there.  We especially enjoyed Tamarra’s paintings.  Put it on your calendar and make a night of it!

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