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Ramblings of a Glass Mind – The Freja and Alex Romance “Series”


I’m often asked which book “comes first” when it comes to the Freja and Alex Romance “series”.  And the answer is, none of them.

The current three books can be read in any order, as each book is a stand-alone storyline.  Each book features the same characters in the same “world”. However, It is not a series.  The books are not chronological.

Tearing Down the Wall is about Freja and Alex falling in love in college, and is completely separate from the other books.  This book was written to explore the experiences I had, and experiences I learned from friends, when I was working in the modeling industry in college.  I wanted to highlight that while this lifestyle seems glamorous on the outside, there is a dark underbelly to it as well.



Freja’s Baby is a story about Freja and Alex falling in love in high school, and Alex getting Freja pregnant.  It’s about them navigating their new lives as soon to be parents and other problems that arise in their young lives, including the death of a close family member.  They have to tackle these issues and learn how to come together to become their own family for the baby’s arrival.



Freja’s Baby Shattered is an alternative storyline to Freja’s Baby where Freja has a miscarriage and loses the baby.  It’s about grief and mental illness – how Freja and Alex cope with the loss of their unborn child, and figuring out how to move forward with their lives.  This book is a classic “sadfic” but does have a relatively happy ending.



My current project list is already jam-packed, including the upcoming romance novel Clover Companion, which is a complete departure with new characters (Daphne and Michael) set in a scifi universe in the “near future” with androids and other futuristic technology.

Beyond my current project list, I will be writing a sequel to Freja’s Baby.  This book will be titled Learning to Walk, and delves into how Alex and Freja handle being young parents while still trying to pursue their goals with college and ultimately their careers.  I have a few other story ideas that I will also be writing with these characters, but they will not necessarily be sequels to the existing stories.

I hope this clears up any confusion my readers (and potential readers!) may have about these books.  Read on, and read them in any order you like!

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